How many stone walls have you seen in Umbria? Certainly many, as Umbria has a long and consolidated tradition of stone buildings, as opposed to other areas in central Italy where bricks are more frequently used.  And these walls were all different! The peculiar aspect of a stone wall is its uniqueness, given by the size, the colour, the type of stone, type of pointing, as well as by the way they have been laid by human hands. So if the overall texture is somehow recognizable, each section of wall is like a fingerprint: unique.

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  1. Hi Marco,
    Is the technique, and custom, of stone wall building in your area, that the walls be mortared? Here in New England (and in many other parts of America), in England, France, and parts of Italy, Switzerland and Germany, the walls are built ‘Dry”, without any mortar at all. This, of course, pertains to agricultural / boundary walls, not architectural structures. ?

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