If your roof needs repairing, there is still a great opportunity to install photovoltaic panels and make money! In fact Italy is the country where photovoltaic is still extremely convenient, due to the government financial incentives that pay €0,274 for each kw produced (for systems with power between 1-3 kw). And this is for 20 years! On top of the incentives, you then save on bills for all the electricity that your panels will produce. Nowadays there are systems that are almost flat and can be installed at the same level as the roof tiles and thus very discrete. Solar panels for hot water are also convenient and a normal household would normally need 2-3 panels and a 300 litres boiler, which can be installed in a dedicated tech room. So, if you need to erect scaffolding, consolidate your roof structure, change your roof tiles, it could be the right time to go ‘green’ and install photovoltaic and solar panels. But remember: your roof must face south (south-east or south-west is also fine)…


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