The recent earthquake in Umbria and Marche has stressed the importance of (re)building and restoring with particular attention to the actual structure and not just to the external look (such as nice old beams, stones, etc). One of the key points of making houses stronger against earthquakes is to create a connection between the walls (vertical structure) and the roof/floors (horizontal structure). This can be achieved with a metal beam running on top of the perimeter of the wall, which is in turn connected to the roof slab (concrete or wood) with metal brackets. The beam, usually “U” shaped, is connected to the wall below with long screws, bolts and resin. This allows the building to act more like a box, in which the horizontal and vertical panes are joint together, and therefore create the necessary strength to respond to seismic actions. The recent earthquake in Umbria gives us the chance to repair and restore our old building and have them ready for the next earthquake. Which is about to happen again, being the Apennines region an active seismic area. Restoration in Umbria by architect Marco Carlini.



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