After over two years of intense labour and collaboration between the various trades (builders, electricians, plumbers…and the architect), a new restoration in Umbria is now completed. Formerly a farmhouse with a pig-sty, this complex sits in the foothills of Monte Acuto, with extensive views over the Umbrian landscape. I have already posted some other pictures during construction work, and I would like to show you now the finished interiors (although still missing most of the furniture). Large spaces filled with light, soft colours and traditional, warm materials such as chestnut timber, terracotta tiles, facing stonework, wrought-iron. The kitchen and dining room are where the main stables once were, visually separated by the traditional, ever present brick arch. The old timber is lightly stained in order to reveal the wood fiber, the new timber has a thicker coat that uniforms the ceiling but at the same time exposes the two elements forming it: beams and planks. The living room is part of the new addition, with above the east master bedroom and on-suite master bathroom. Travertine and light colours again in all bathrooms, where soft ‘milk’ finish sanitary fixtures create a delicate, private space. Another example of old, spontaneous architecture has been given a second life, instead of using new land. Once again a successful restoration in Umbria.

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