And so we lost another ancient piece of architecture and history. On 6th November, the 2,000-year-old House of the Gladiators in Pompei collapsed after heavy rain. Can heavy rain pull a building down? Clearly the italian state is not capable of making sure that such important heritage is properly looked after. Some commentators said the Unesco world¬†heritage site should be privatised and removed from state control. This is exactly the point: historical architecture belongs to humanity and if we (the italians) are incapable of protecting it, its management should be taken away from us. Before it’s too late….can you imagine the loss for humanity if tomorrow we start losing the Colosseum in Rome, …or the Doge’s Palace in Venice …or the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi ?(we nearly did in 1997 earthquake!). Or many more treasures that we proudly (?) host in our country?

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