A renovated farmhouse in Umbria or Tuscany is not complete without….a swimming pool! Whatever the size, location, style and….yes, budget, there is no better way to enjoy the umbrian summer than taking a refreshing dip in your own pool, or relax with a drink while your feet are dangling in the cool water. The pool is not just a nice appendix of your lovely garden, these hot days it is a must, for you and for your guests. It also adds substantial value to a property, whether to be sold or let, so if you don’t have a pool yet, well you’d better start thinking about it. Budget? As anything, it depends on the specifications such as size (a standard 6x12m, as opposed to a mini 4×8, or a maxi 16×8 for example), type and nature of soil (rocky, soft, flat,steep…), structure (reinforced concrete, steel panels), external materials¬†(grass, cotto, stone), internal materials (pvc, tiles), technical aspects (chlorinated, salted, heated, skimmers, infinity…). With the right combination of the above specs, everyone can afford a piece of blu paradise in the Umbrian-Tuscan countryside!

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