In the last few years, we heard a lot about alternative energy, sustainable architecture, energy saving, etc.. I thought that as an architect myself I should give good example and so I became producer of ‘green’ energy: on the roof of my house in Umbria I have installed 15 photovoltaic panels that produce electricity…clean and free! (actually, the panels are not cheap but with the incentive of the so-called ‘Conto Energia’ the installation becomes economically appealing). It’s now time to convince friends & clients who have a south facing roof: it does work and it helps to keep our planet cleaner!

4 Responses to Clean energy in Umbria: photovoltaic

  1. marco says:

    Hi, I have checked with Opera 10.10 for Mac and don’t have any problems….

  2. marco says:

    I hope so….it depends if I have other clients that want to go ‘green’…Photovoltaic is certainly an interesting field.

  3. Andy says:

    I’m not sure what version of Opera you’re using. There’s nothing on this site to fix – it’s wordpress 3 and a default theme. If something isn’t working then there are tens of thousands of other sites exactly the same.

  4. Brian says:

    No offense intended Marco, but they look really ugly photovoltaic on the roofs

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