Most people don’t know the difference and they are not to blame, really. There is generally a ‘deliberate’ confusion in Italy about who does what and who is entitled to do it. As Europe is pressing Italy to re-define and reduce the roles of ‘geometri‘ (surveyors) in the building industry, some Italian MPs had the brilliant idea of proposing to extend (instead of reduce) the field in which they can operate! Unbelievable!

Maybe this will help to explain something about these two very distinct professions: “architect or geometra?”. But it will not help us to understand why Italy wants to go backwards.

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  1. The fact that there are bad architects and good geometras is beyond the point. What I wanted to underline is simply the fact that in Italy (only in Italy!) the two figures are considered equivalent and geometras are allowed to deliver the same services as the architects – with the vital difference that architecs have a degree (minimum 5 years university, ie: high level education) wheras geometras don’t. They have attended school up to the age of 18 and they can become “geometras”. It’s obvious to me (and to the world) that Architecture needs qualified professional and the two figures should have very different roles in the building industry. Passion and private interests are a different thing: I can be passioned about anatomy and medicine but this doesn’t imply that I can act as a surgeon, if I am not qualified

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