During the KlimaHouse exhibition in Bolzano (see previous post) on energy efficient construction, I could not resist a visit to some of the best wineries of this splendid region, Alto Adige (or Sud Tirol, in German). I have always liked the wines produced here, especially white wines, so crisp, flowery and fruity, mainly due to the location and climate, with significant thermal excursions between day and night. The A.A. Sauvignon Sanct Valentin 2009 produced by the San Michele-Appiano winery is one of the greatest Italian whites and year after year is awarded with top prizes by specialized press. It is a classic sauvignon style, light straw yellow with green hues, with a distinct varietal bouquet of stinging nettle and elder blossoms, smooth body and a very clean acidity to the palate for a long, elegant finish.

The other winery I tried was the Cantina Tramin in Termeno (Tramin), the home of the world famous aromatic white wine Gewurztraminer, from the same grapes. However, I skipped this and tried instead a A.A. Pinot Bianco Moriz 2009, a pale yellow, crisp and fruity wine, with notes of green apple and a dry, full and nutty  palate.  These are just two amongst many more great white wines of this region, which is worth a visit even only to discover the Weinstrasse, a panoramic route along the best vineyards west and south of Bolzano, a paradise for wine lovers…and sustainable architecture.

me and the sauvignon grapes

a wine producer in Caldaro

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