This June I have completed three swimming pools for three different properties in Umbria. This is the first one, a 10x5m simple rectangular pool overlooking the Upper Tiber Valley just South of Umbertide. As it sits with its shorter side towards the view, as expressly required by the client, I have made this the infinity edge, creating that crisp and neat water line that is the main appeal of these types of pools. The black pvc liner gives the water a somewhat natural aspect, despite what one may think imagining dark water, and at the same time produces a strong sense of freshness and clean lines. The old grey stone paving (reclaimed) that surrounds it on two sides (and with a very narrow strip along the third) creates a good combination with the geometrical body of water. On the opposite side of the infinity edge a step on the solarium hides the floating electric cover, very useful to keep the water ‘warm’ during the night. This pool utilizes a salt chlorinator, preferred by many people as the water has a less aggressive feel to the skin. The structure of this pool is made of reinforced concrete, cladded, wherever visible, with old local stone. The restoration of a house in Umbria is not complete without a swimming pool!

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